La traversée


Al the images of the project The crossing / Ashu-takusseu are recomposed with 3000  images from the film project of first nations Wapikoni mobile.



Wapikoni Mobile is a nonprofit organization whose primary objective is to combat isolation and suicide among First Nations youth by offering them the opportunity to develop artistic, technical, social and professional skills, by means of mobile audiovisual studios that crisscross Quebec and Canada. By disseminating their film and music, Wapikoni Mobile contributes to raise awareness on indigenous issues and promotes a rich culture, too often ignored. Through its mission, the Wapikoni ultimately contributes to the enhancement and preservation of First Nations cultural heritage.

Since 2004, more than 3500 participants from 30 communities of 9 First Nations have collaborated in the making of 870 short films, translated into many languages and which have received more than 100 awards and mentions in prestigious festivals around the world. For further information, please visit the site